Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Music Update

Morgane Dubled- Vogue Russia '05                     [foto decadent]

Latest music downloads-

State of Man- Both Sides of the Story. Even though the cover sort of freaks me out, the music is insanely good. I actually found it when I was downloading ringtones on Myxer Tones, and their song was the 'ringtone of the day.' My favorite has to be 'Be Still My Heart.' It is amazing. Their sound is almost Daughtry, but better. Highly recommend.

Holiday Parade- Walking By. This song is so sweet and has great guitar sounds. I don't think I looked up their other stuff, but this song has been playing in my room a lot.

The Kooks have been one of my favorites for a while. It kills me that they were performing about two or three hours from me and I couldn't go. Their new(ish) song, Always Where I Need To Be, is a new sound from them. The dooo's always get stuck in my head. I could listen to this song forever and still dance around my room to it. 

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