Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Splashing a Little News & Color

Deutch Elle April 2008   [fotodecadent]
My friend is planning a sweet sixteen for the middle of November! I'm so excited to go with all of my friends. It's a formal party, definitely a plus. I wish with alllll of my heart that I had a dress like this for the party. I love the color! Mary Kate and Ashley are so talented it's sickening. Below are some more that I would love to wear.... I'm very into blue right now.
[Elizabeth and James- Priscilla Dress]
[Left] Macy's Nine West strapless empire waist dress with gathered pleating
[Right] Urban Outfitter's Silence & Noise Ponte vest dress
Favorite Celeb Look of the Moment-
Emmy Rossum- (source) One of the most gorgeous people. I love this picture, just adorable! Enjoy!
Today my school had a mock election. Personally, I'm an Obama type of person (even though I can't vote yet....) and I was very glad to say that he won by a LANDSLIDE.
Now to a less biased note-
My dad sent me an e-mail the other day that probably everyone has already seen. I think it is the best thing I have seen on this election so far.
(I stand corrected. Sarah Palin gave up her amazing wardrobe for her consignment shop buys.)
I read on the New York Magazine's site about Lauren Conrad's appearance on Letterman. Their article really convinced me to watch it and I'm very glad I did. I have grown an appreciation for David Letterman that I would have other wise over looked! It was so funny!

One other thing- I think that she looks completely different. Of course she is her gorgeous self still, but she looks older. I don't know, it might be just me.
PS- my favorite picture is the one all the way to the left =)
Lauren Conrad on Letterman   [youtube]
And check out New York Magazine's article on it. I was cracking up!
Well that's all for now!
Ciao bellas!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Music & Shopping Update

Vogue Italia June 2008      [fotodecadent]
Music Update-
Now I'm listening to modern rock bands that are pretty much awesome.
Saosin [You're Not Alone- Saosin]
This song gives me chills every single time I listen to it. My friend just went to one of their concerts the other night (SO jealous) and said she almost cried because it was that amazing. I would give an arm and a leg just to hear them play this one song let alone an entire concert. 
All Time Low [Put up or Shut Up album & So Wrong it's Right album- Dear Maria Count Me In, Six Feet Under the Stars]
I listen to them all the time on the bus or doing work. Not only are they good for that, but I can sit in my room and dance around to every single song. Very, very catchy and will get stuck in your head all day long. (Tell me that Alex Gaskarth doesn't have the most amazing hair... you know who I'm talking about.)
Shopping Update-
I went down to visit my sister's college in Virginia and she has the most amazing mall by her. So, naturally, we went there for hours. Unfortunately, my stupid tiny town does not have a Forever 21 (so upsetting....). So whenever I find one, I go completely insane trying every single thing on. And I got a pretty amazing shirt that I'm wearing right now with some dark jeans and a tank top underneath it(definitely not big enough to fill this one out). Trying to enjoy the weather while it lasts. =(
Source [here]
I'm completely in love with it. Well, I got a few other things but that is my favorite.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chic Chicago!

Dirty Glam- July 2008    [fotodecadent]

Featured in Marie Clare, I'm very excited to be going to see this (...in December- I'll definitely post pictures). I love these dresses and can't imagine what it would be like to wear one. Oh, the fashion orgasms one can imagine.
See the information here [scroll down for slideshow of pictures].

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Wallpaper

Lily Donaldson by Laschlan Bailey    [fotodecadent]
I made this a little while ago and it is still my background tiled, and I love it more every time I look at it!
Wish I could post more but I didn't get home from school until eight tonight and I'm piled with homework still. Have a good night because I know I won't be having one. =/

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Few Favorites

Mer Du Lord - Natalia Vodianova            [fotodecadent]
I looked through my massive amounts of pictures and found a few of cute collections I wish I could afford. They are great for this time of year.
The outfits are adorable!! Dace is a Canada based line started in 2002.  View their collections/store right here. This is taken from their site and can be clearly seen in the above photos-
With styles that possess sophisticated modern lines, the d a c e brand always conveys a 
sense of classic femininity. Clothing by d a c e is known for its clean lines and 
for being well constructed, with attention to fit and detail. The pieces are 
versatile and designed to be flattering and sexy, with an overall classy but fun 
look - recognizably by d a c e.
Dallin Chase [upper set is older collections, bottom set is fall 08]
These dresses have a youthful flare, but still are classy. I absolutely love how they shot their collection (the pictures on either side on the top and the bottom set). It made them look so appealing! View the site here. Taken from the site below, this perfectly states what a dress has lost in modern times-
A dress-only line for now, Dallin Chase fuses a carefree, playful aspect
 with surprising details... "Most importantly, the dresses 
are wearable and easy," he [Jason Cauchi- the designer] says. "I want her to 
wear them often. It's not about day to evening, it's about creating the perfect dress, period."
That's all for now, though I feel a music update coming soon (I just bought a few more songs =)!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Vogue Italia February 2008     [fotodecadent]

I'm probably the most blog challenged person.... I actually... lost the blog. I couldn't find it, search it, and get into my account. Finall, after I gave up for about... two months, I started looking again and was able to get in. Time for a very long post.
Fashion Week-
I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of Ali Michael. It is from the Matthew Williamson Spring 2009 show. Not only is the dress gorgeo
us, but Ali looks stunning.

Now that summer is officially over, my clothes are currently not going as well as I planned... I live in a place called Ocean City. I think you know what that means, hot weather. This is true, but it is freezing in the morning. This is a little bit of a problem. I end up bringing a winter coat over my adorable outfit that I have to lug home at the end of the day. I'm working on my transitions, but I'm pretty much stuck in my summer clothes until I go shopping again (hopefully this will be soon).

Music Update-
I'm currently into the softer, easier music (but the last band is a bit of a curveball). 

Rilo Kiley [1]- The Frug
For some reason, this song is not on iTunes, but I am in love with it. I have listened to it everyday dancing with some sunglasses on acting like I rule the world. It's very offbeat happy, but I am sure you can describe it better than I can.
Joshua Radin [2]- I's Rather Be With You
This song just makes you smile and puts a little sway into your walk. For being a sappy love song, it is very unusually bright. Radin has many songs that I enjoy listening to. Definitely worth checking out.
The Kooks [3]- She Moves in Her Own Way
They have another popular song [Always Where I Need to Be] that is also on my playlist(as you can see from a previous post), but this song is my favorite of theirs. Their acoustic sound, easy lyrics, and smooth sounds makes you wish they were singing to you. 
We the Kings [4]- Skyway Avenue
This is an amazing song that I play all the time. I recommend their entire album [We the Kings]. The songs will be stuck in your head in a matter of minutes. Another favorite- Check Yes Juliet.