Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Few Favorites

Mer Du Lord - Natalia Vodianova            [fotodecadent]
I looked through my massive amounts of pictures and found a few of cute collections I wish I could afford. They are great for this time of year.
The outfits are adorable!! Dace is a Canada based line started in 2002.  View their collections/store right here. This is taken from their site and can be clearly seen in the above photos-
With styles that possess sophisticated modern lines, the d a c e brand always conveys a 
sense of classic femininity. Clothing by d a c e is known for its clean lines and 
for being well constructed, with attention to fit and detail. The pieces are 
versatile and designed to be flattering and sexy, with an overall classy but fun 
look - recognizably by d a c e.
Dallin Chase [upper set is older collections, bottom set is fall 08]
These dresses have a youthful flare, but still are classy. I absolutely love how they shot their collection (the pictures on either side on the top and the bottom set). It made them look so appealing! View the site here. Taken from the site below, this perfectly states what a dress has lost in modern times-
A dress-only line for now, Dallin Chase fuses a carefree, playful aspect
 with surprising details... "Most importantly, the dresses 
are wearable and easy," he [Jason Cauchi- the designer] says. "I want her to 
wear them often. It's not about day to evening, it's about creating the perfect dress, period."
That's all for now, though I feel a music update coming soon (I just bought a few more songs =)!

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