Monday, October 13, 2008


Vogue Italia February 2008     [fotodecadent]

I'm probably the most blog challenged person.... I actually... lost the blog. I couldn't find it, search it, and get into my account. Finall, after I gave up for about... two months, I started looking again and was able to get in. Time for a very long post.
Fashion Week-
I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of Ali Michael. It is from the Matthew Williamson Spring 2009 show. Not only is the dress gorgeo
us, but Ali looks stunning.

Now that summer is officially over, my clothes are currently not going as well as I planned... I live in a place called Ocean City. I think you know what that means, hot weather. This is true, but it is freezing in the morning. This is a little bit of a problem. I end up bringing a winter coat over my adorable outfit that I have to lug home at the end of the day. I'm working on my transitions, but I'm pretty much stuck in my summer clothes until I go shopping again (hopefully this will be soon).

Music Update-
I'm currently into the softer, easier music (but the last band is a bit of a curveball). 

Rilo Kiley [1]- The Frug
For some reason, this song is not on iTunes, but I am in love with it. I have listened to it everyday dancing with some sunglasses on acting like I rule the world. It's very offbeat happy, but I am sure you can describe it better than I can.
Joshua Radin [2]- I's Rather Be With You
This song just makes you smile and puts a little sway into your walk. For being a sappy love song, it is very unusually bright. Radin has many songs that I enjoy listening to. Definitely worth checking out.
The Kooks [3]- She Moves in Her Own Way
They have another popular song [Always Where I Need to Be] that is also on my playlist(as you can see from a previous post), but this song is my favorite of theirs. Their acoustic sound, easy lyrics, and smooth sounds makes you wish they were singing to you. 
We the Kings [4]- Skyway Avenue
This is an amazing song that I play all the time. I recommend their entire album [We the Kings]. The songs will be stuck in your head in a matter of minutes. Another favorite- Check Yes Juliet.

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