Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Short Stretch

Photo by Oscar Falk     [krisatomic]
My Newest Favorite Things--
Flickr Widget  [apple download]
Being an avid Mac user, I love clicking through the newest widgets. When I saw Flickr on there it caught my eye immediately. Now, every time I open my dashboard (obviously to waste time on Soduko or building amazing domino tracks) I see a collage of some great Flickr picks. Love love love.
500 Days of Summer    [imdb]
This movie is AMAZING. It made me laugh and I want to memorize every single line so I can use it in everyday conversation. The soundtrack is playing nonstop and I'm going to see it for the second time today =)
Schedules came out for the school year (already) and with my double math/science courses I have a feeling I'm going to be dying this year. Fun fun fun... 
At lest I know what I'm wearing on the first few days already. =) Oh the greatness of working at a clothing store...

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