Saturday, December 26, 2009

In the Dead of Winter

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Music Update--
[top left] Regina Spektor (Us, Eet, On the Radio) -
Love, love her. Her voice is very unique and her easy melodies will have you singing along in not time. The song "Us" was featured in 500 Days of Summer, which has the BEST soundtrack. Worth checking out.

[top right] Emiliana Torrini (Jungle Drum) -
This song is amazing. She also has other songs that are very easygoing (different from this jammer).

[bottom left] Ashley Tisdale (Crank It Up) -
I know what you are thinking... Ashley Tisdale? But, her newest album was a shock to my system. Though I previously liked her song "He Said, She Said," on this album, I liked the majority of the songs. It still is a typical Disney star album, but in an enjoyable way. Great party song.

[bottom right] Keke Palmer (Bottoms Up) -
.... and Keke Palmer? This song is perfect for parties, which is crazy to be coming from Keke, but I'm not complaining.

Other Notables-
[1] A Fine Frenzy
[2] The Fruit Bats
[3] Priscilla Ahn

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