Sunday, January 4, 2009

2 Etsy Finds+The City

The Lake by David Vasiljevic       [fotodecadent]
Etsy Find (another at bottom!)- itsalovelycake was actually advertised on one of the ads on the side of your facebook page. I happened to click it and look around. They make this beautiful handmade jewelry. I wish I had the talent to do anything half as great as that. Here are a few of my favorites (and the bracelet is my favorite. ever.).
The City- I watched this show for the first time last night. I have to say that I actually liked it. The outfits were cute and so were the boys. So here are just a few comments....
- Whitney bought the ugliest couch for her house ever.
- (while walking in park) Whitney- "knock on wood" "no wood to knock on"..... you are in a park. That is a tree 10 feet behind you.
- I am completely jealous of the view they had on that walk.
-Jay looks like Joe Jonas. There is no denying it. And the thing is, if Joe Jonas grows up to look like that. Man. He would be a POPULAR man. But, Jay's accent obviously makes him the top pick.
- Olivia is the most gorgeous person ever. And she should get her own show. I would watch.
Completely OBSESSED with this shirt. I love the collar, color, and fabric. Not to mention the cut is very forgiving. Oh man I need that summer job to start now.

Gotta love Etsy for making your mouth water.     


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Itsalovelycake said...

Hi there! It's the girls here from Itsalovelycake. We found the blog on google! thanks so much for featuring u. It is very much appriciated.
Best of luck.
Mud and Sarah xxxx