Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Few More Favorites

Sabine Steinmar         [NY Mag]
Olivia Palermo mad WWWD's girl of the month. I completely love her style and think she is beautiful. Hopefully The City becomes as popular as it should be and she gets the recognition. I'm looking forward to see what else she will wear. Especially in the summer.
My room is the kind of room that is decked out from floor to ceiling with posters, mirrors, furniture, clothes, and everything else I can cram in. It's a pretty small room, so my double bed is lofted (I am writing this under my bed...). So I always look at furniture at PBteen and wish that my room was big enough to fit it. This is my most recent favorite find. =)
PBteen Display-It Storage Mirror ($599.99)
(Even if I had the space, I guess it would be a matter of finding $600 to shell out.)

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