Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!!! (+ The City Update)

Inauguration Day 2005      [source]
When I checked my e-mail this afternoon, I opened up this cool link to this wordle of Obama's speech. I'm really glad we were allowed to watch it in school! So here it is:
The City-
1- Erin's coat in Central Park is gorgeous! I LOVE it!!!
2- Whitney's grey sweater headband is not very attractive at all...
3- Adam is totally cute, but I'm so confused by his and Allie's relationship confuses me so much. He was so into the girls at that club and the next day he picks her up at the airport and tells her he loves her. Ugh. Then, they were SO cute together in the car after he told her about it (a very vague version).
4- I'm still iffy on them, but I love that all the girls had that talk with her and confronted her about Adam.

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